Ensuring Consistent Cleanliness Across Multiple Sites

Keeping up with cleaning in one facility is difficult, let alone multiple. To promote safe and hygienic environments, consistent cleaning should be prioritized throughout all facilities. Ensuring cleanliness leaves a positive impression, promotes good hygiene, and boosts workplace productivity amongst your employees. 62% of employees express that seeing regular sanitation professionals increases their feeling of safety. There are many benefits to ensuring each site is consistently clean.

Here are three tips to implement to help ensure consistent cleanliness across multiple facilities.

Develop a Comprehensive Cleaning Plan

Maintaining cleanliness across multiple sites can be challenging. To ease this difficulty, create a detailed cleaning plan for each facility. These plans should include specific cleaning protocols designed for each site, given each site has a unique layout with varying rooms, to allow for accurate sanitization of the areas. Another term for this is standard operating procedure (SOPs). The SOP, whether in physical or digital format, should be easily accessible within each facility. It must include a comprehensive outline for correct cleaning protocols, such as hazard management and tool and chemical usage. However, utilizing a team of cleaning professionals can significantly alleviate stress on your facility staff by streamlining the tasks at hand. They can assist in ensuring every area is regularly cleaned to maintain the facility’s hygiene and safety standards.

Implement Comprehensive Training

With each facility having a unique layout, it’s crucial your team receives adequate training to understand the specific maintenance requirements at each site. An effective method to equip your maintenance team with comprehensive knowledge of each facility is by providing onboarding training. Training opportunities can include a diverse range of information on cleaning chemicals, proper use of equipment, safety protocols and cleaning frequency. This training helps to facilitate their familiarity with each building and essential protocols to keep them safe. Also, onboarding training allows your employees to have a comprehensive overview of their duties and increases new hire retention by 82%. Thorough training enhances retention and offers a complete understanding of the cleaning process for each facility, enabling consistent cleanliness.

Invest in Quality Equipment and Supplies

Investing in quality equipment lets you know each site has the correct tools to clean effectively. This means having updated technology and cleaning products you can trust. Over 88% of maintenance frustration stems from having out-of-date technology that slows down processes and lowers workplace productivity. Cleaning professionals can help ensure all equipment and tools are up to date to prevent any frustrations for your janitor staff.

Many traditional cleaning products contain high levels of dangerous or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Switching to green cleaning products throughout your facilities creates a cleaner environment and ensures your building is properly disinfected. By utilizing consistent eco-friendly products across your facilities, you establish consistency and assurance every building maintains the same hygienic level.

Uphold the Cleanliness of your Facility

While upholding cleanliness standards across multiple facilities may be challenging, effective planning can make it easier. Hiring an external team of cleaning professionals offers additional assistance for tackling more demanding maintenance tasks, enabling your current team to easily perform their job. Being equipped with the right strategy and training can allow your facilities to be well-prepared to address any potential issues.

Selecting The Right Chemicals for Your Cleaning Program

Taking care of your facility and the occupants in it starts by maintaining a healthy and safe environment. This includes investing in a cleaning program that utilizes high-quality and effective products. Although it is often advertised that any and all types of cleaning chemicals can benefit your facility, many common cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that can do more harm than good. Learning how to find the right chemicals for your cleaning program is essential for all facility managers and can significantly improve the longevity of your building.

Quantity Doesn’t Equal Quality  

The state of your facility’s supply closet is often a telltale sign of how effective your cleaning program is. Bulking up on cleaning products for your facility may seem like an efficient solution, but overstocking supply closets is a quick way to fall into over-resource consumption. This increases the opportunity for cluttered supply closets, which not only lessens space within your facility but can lead to safety risks. Additionally, restocking your supply closet on a regular basis can quickly become costly, with the average company spending between $63 and $200 per month. There are a lot of factors that can help determine which cleaning products are right for your facility, including different types of floors, surfaces and the current condition of your building. Before ordering every cleaning product, take time to learn which chemicals work for your building type to help get the best results.

The Value of Outsourcing

Clear out the supply closet all together! Another effective method of making sure your facility is being effectively cleaned with the right chemicals is by outsourcing a professional team of cleaners. Taking time to find a quality staff that is properly trained in maintaining different types of facilities can help relieve stress for employees to upkeep their work environment while also prioritizing their daily tasks. Additionally, outsourcing a cleaning team can help ensure that every part of your facility, even the parts that are often overlooked, are being cleaned with the correct chemicals and equipment. Establishing a routine schedule for outsourced cleaning professionals to upkeep your building is a cost-effective solution to restocking a supply closet and the hassle of making sure the products you’re using are right for your facility.

Cleaning with Green

If your facility is set on using its own cleaning program, investing in certified environmentally friendly cleaning products not only benefits the planet but is a proactive way to ensure your facility is being cleaned with safe chemicals that don’t harm the building or the occupants inside of it. Green cleaning products have been shown to be just as effective at cleaning while utilizing safer chemicals that are less hazardous to users. However, many brands that are labeled as eco-friendly are guilty of greenwashing. This is when companies claim to be environmentally friendly as a marketing technique. To avoid falling victim to false advertising, make sure the products you buy are certified and labeled with safe ingredients. Switching to green cleaning products not only shows consideration for the planet but also the well-being of those in your facility.

Strive for Clean Chemicals

When you invest time in finding clean chemicals that work well in your facility without posing risk to employees and guests, you save money, time and energy that would be wasted on using incorrect cleaning chemicals, damaging your facility, harming your building occupants and maintenance repairs. Work smarter not harder by implementing cleaning chemicals that are safe, effective and help create a safe and welcoming environment.

Celebrating Those Who Care About Clean at GSF USA

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate all our hardworking employees who have recently celebrated significant milestones and anniversaries at GSF USA! We’re proud of our employees and their dedication to providing a safe and clean environment for our customers.  

Congratulations to all and thank you for your continued efforts to help GSF USA grow and differentiate itself as a leading building service contractor. We could not have gotten to where we are today without your hard work! 

20th Anniversaries 

Francisco C., GSF Illinois 

Luis P., GSF Indiana 

15th Anniversaries  

Martin M., GSF Indiana 

Kelvin M., GSF Indiana 

Rosario M., GSF Indiana 

Albaro V., GSF Ohio  

10th Anniversaries  

Hilda L., GSF Indiana 

Jesus P., GSF Indiana  

5th Anniversaries 

Sherman B., GSF Ohio 

Miguel C., GSF Rockford  

Jose G., GSF Indiana  

Maria M., GSF Indiana  

Karla M., GSF Indiana  

Yolanda M., GSF Indiana  

Maria O., GSF Indiana  

Israel R., GSF Illinois  

Debra R., GSF Rockford  

Fatma V., GSF Illinois  

GSF is using Ecolab’s No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector to help schools safeguard modern floors


An increasing number of schools are replacing carpet flooing with luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and other low maintenance flooring in an effort to reduce maintenance, repair and associated costs. LVT is attractive to schools because it is marketed as requiring little to no upkeep, but the reality is that the flooring develops scuffs, scratches, and wear over time. Traditional flooring cleaners and treatments will not resolve these issues. Finding innovative solutions to these types of problems is a primary aim for both Ecolab and GSF USA, Inc, a global cleaning services company. Ecolab and its distributor partners have served as GSF’s primary chemical providers for more than five years, delivering tools, training, expertise and products that have forged a strong relationship and created positive outcomes for GSF customers.


Soon after schools within the districts that GSF serves began installing LVT flooring, the company noticed recurring dirt and wear in certain areas. “Everybody thinks that there’s no maintenance involved with these LVT floors, that you just put them down and don’t have to worry about it,” said GSF Branch Manager Steve Lusk, who oversees two school districts in the West Chicago area. “But we started noticing dirty traffic patterns, where it looked like the dirt was just grinding into the floors.” LVT floors are made up of several layers, including a clear “wear” layer at the top. Fine scratches in that layer, especially in doorways, hallways and other high-traffic areas, cannot be removed with traditional flooring cleaners or waxes.

GSF Branch Manager Grant Mackall said the floors could be cleaned, but they ultimately lost the sheen they had when new. Replacing floor sections would result in significant and unsustainable expense to the schools. But leaving the floors as they were would reflect poorly on the schools’ image. “We went to our supplier, North American Corporation, with the problem and they worked with Ecolab to deliver a  solution,” Mackall said.


Ecolab introduced GSF to a new product specifically designed to protect and maintain LVT floors, as well as laminate and other low-maintenance flooring. No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector cleans and repairs minor scratches in these floors without adding gloss or a flooring finish. The solution fills imperfections in the wear layer, keeping floors looking new and protecting them from future wear and tear. The daily-use cleaner is easy to use, requires no additional training and can be applied with existing custodial equipment, whether it is diluted in a mop bucket or used in an auto floor scrubber. Following a demonstration of the product, GSF introduced it to schools with immediate success. No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector quickly became the go-to solution for any school transitioning to LVT floors.


Upgrading to LVT flooring is a costly investment, one schools hope is worthwhile given the promise of less maintenance and repair. It’s GSF’s goal to help its partner schools protect their investment in modern flooring, and Ecolab’s solution is making that happen. “If schools didn’t have a solution like this, one that’s not only cleaning, but also repairing the floor, they’d be looking at replacement costs,” said Ecolab Technical Account Manager Chris Walter. “And the replacement costs would be astronomical.” It’s estimated that average daily cleaning using a basic cleaner and floor finish would result in twice the flooring repair costs compared with using No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector alone.

How a school looks is important to students, parents, and faculty. GSF and Ecolab have also been able to help deliver an image everyone can be proud of. The companies have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from schools utilizing No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector. Lusk called it a game changer. “Before we started using the product, you didn’t see that sheen tile floors should have,” Lusk said. “Now with the restorative capabilities of No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector, floors definitely have a natural sheen and it lasts longer.” GSF expects the need for the product to rise as LVT continues to become more popular. “It’s nice that we’re able to take No/Low Maintenance Flooring Cleaner and Protector to a school with luxury vinyl flooring and utilize the product to help them maintain and protect their investments,” Mackall said. “We’ve found it to be a great product.”


Click here to download a PDF of this case study.

Facility Maintenance Musts for a Safe Building

June is National Safety Month. The annual observance brings awareness to efforts that reduce unintentional injuries in the workplace. GSF USA is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment starting with a well-kept building. Research shows that 64% of guests will leave an establishment that feels unsafe or unclean. Safety starts with the consideration of others’ health, which means cultivating a facility that meets today’s cleaning standards is essential.

Routine Professional Cleaning

Unsurprisingly, our environment affects our emotions, health and attitudes. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between the cleanliness of a facility and the productivity and happiness of employees. When workers have a clean environment to come to each day, it promotes motivation and shows consideration for their well-being. On the contrary, facilities that are not maintained or cleaned regularly can lead to increased levels of workplace-related stress, health issues, and decreased retention rates. Utilizing a team of cleaning professionals can help not only ensure that your facility is being maintained on a regular basis, but also takes the stress off employees to keep up with cleaning while also prioritizing work-related tasks. Setting expectations for your custodial team on how often each space needs to be cleaned can help ensure that your cleanliness standards are being met. There are many factors that determine how often your facility needs to be cleaned, like the size of it or how many people occupy it each day.

Proper Use of Cleaning Equipment

Using cleaning chemicals and equipment incorrectly can lead to dangerous and in some cases even fatal injuries. This makes it essential to hire cleaning professionals that are trained in how to properly mix certain cleaning chemicals and use equipment without causing damage to themselves or the facility. Storing cleaning chemicals is another task that can quickly become dangerous, as overstocking inventory can become hazardous. Outsourcing cleaning professionals efficiently eliminates the danger of overstocking supply closets and ensures that properly trained professionals are cleaning effectively and safely. Many commonly used cleaning chemicals contain harsh chemicals that can lead to various health problems with prolonged use. Help keep your employees and occupants safe by utilizing green cleaning products that are made with safer ingredients but still sanitize and disinfect effectively. Not only does this help benefit the health and safety of your facility, but it protects the environment.

Optimized Maintenance Training

Although your hired cleaning team may come with their own set of skills, it’s important to ensure your facility’s cleanliness standards are clear, as each building is cleaned differently. Providing onboarding training can help maintenance staff get familiar with the building and how each space should be maintained. Training opportunities include learning which cleaning chemicals should be used on various surfaces, how to use cleaning equipment correctly and how often certain cleaning procedures need to be done. It’s important to communicate expectations, such as how often trash cans should be emptied or which days the floors should be cleaned. Onboard training can help you have peace of mind that your cleaning staff are on the same page and do a thorough job of keeping the building clean and safe for everyone.

Safe Cleaning for a Safe Building

National Safety Month is an opportunity to bring awareness of prioritizing the health and safety of those who enter your building. Take time to ensure your cleaning staff is properly trained, taking correct cleaning measures and maintaining every part of your facility. Help promote employee productivity and wellness while inviting guests into a thriving facility that looks and feels clean and safe.

Heart of GSF: Mary B.

At GSF USA, we take great pride in hiring team members who embody GSF’s mission, values and goals. We look for individuals that come to work with a growth mindset and are continuously looking for ways to improve their skills. Positive work ethics aren’t easy to come by, which is why we are especially thankful for our employees and their dedication to providing exceptional outsourced cleaning services for our clients. When you have a team of people eager to succeed, it shows in their work.

One of GSF’s long-term employees, Mary, holds a special spot in the heart of GSF. With over 40 years in janitorial experience and working as a Service Operator for GSF the past 5 months, she has found that her current position has helped her pick up useful skills and experience numerous opportunities. “It was a great company to transition to,” said Mary, “I come from a background of having jobs in the cleaning industry, but at GSF, there’s always opportunities to keep learning and growing.”

As a Service Operator, Mary is tasked with various daily jobs for her client. Having a supportive team to work alongside makes the quick-paced work environment easier and more enjoyable. “I love the team I work with. I tell everyone I know that GSF is the best company to work for because of how kind and helpful everyone is,” said Mary. Teamwork and collaboration are essential when it comes to getting cleaning tasks done efficiently and effectively; “We all come together to decide what needs to be done and the best way to do it. If we see someone who needs help, everyone is willing to pitch in,” she said.

Between new partnerships, clients and equipment changes, there is always something new to learn at GSF USA. “We’ve had a lot of recent changes, and people look to me to guide them since I’ve worked here for so long,” she said, “However, I’m confident in the work I do. I know what needs to be done and feel familiar with the tasks given to me.” One of GSF’s more recent partnerships, PathoSans, has allowed GSF to work with high-quality, sustainable cleaning materials. “Working with PathoSans has been wonderful,” Mary stated, “Their products look, feel and smell clean. They get the job done.”

It’s passionate and hard-working employees like Mary who create the strong culture that GSF USA possesses. “We do what needs to be done to create a safe and clean environment for our clients,” said Mary. The heart of GSF is made up of a dedicated team of individuals who believe no task is too much and that a sustainable, clean facility can help make a positive impact. Interested in joining a team like Mary’s? Check out our open positions!

Clean Hands Make a Happy Business

Although National Hand Hygiene Day has passed, continuing to implement hand hygiene practices in facilities to create a cleaner environment can help keep occupants healthy and safe. In recent years, the awareness of how easily germs and bacteria can transmit from person to person has become increasingly known. This makes it more important than ever to implement practices that encourage employees and guests of your facility to be mindful of how their hand hygiene affects those around them. These practices can also support your facility’s cleanliness goals, which reflects positively on your business.

 How Hand Hygiene Supports Cleanliness Goals

Clean hands really can make a significant difference when it comes to business. Studies show that 95% of consumers want to see more cleaning practices in businesses regularly. When occupants feel that a facility is not meeting their cleanliness standards, this creates a negative connotation and reduces the chances that they will return or recommend your facility to other people. Hand hygiene may seem like a simple task, but research has found otherwise. In 2020, 2.3 billion people lacked basic hand hygiene while out in public facilities, making it extremely easy for the transmission of germs and bacteria and increasing people’s risk of illnesses. Help support your facility’s cleanliness goals by encouraging hand hygiene among employees and guests. Doing so shows occupants that their health and safety are a top priority while reducing the spread of germs in your facility.

Hand Hygiene Practices to Implement

Increasing hand hygiene practices in your facility means implementing the right tools. For employees, make sure they understand it is a requirement to wash their hands after situations such as using the restroom, handling and preparing food, as well as coughing and sneezing. You can also encourage employees to sanitize their hands after touching high-touch surfaces such as stair railings, elevator buttons and door handles. These surfaces often carry a larger number of germs that can easily be transmitted from person to person. Setting hygiene expectations for your employees to follow helps keep them safe and shows guests that health and safety are taken seriously within your facility. As for guests, have hand hygiene appliances accessible to them throughout the building. This includes hand sanitizer stations as well as routinely stocked soap products in public restrooms. Hand hygiene is only effective when done correctly. Implementing signs in public restrooms that display how to wash your hands properly can help remind employees and guests to be mindful of doing a thorough job to help eliminate germs.

Celebrate Hand Hygiene Year Round

National Hand Hygiene Day can go beyond just 24 hours. Spreading the importance of practicing hand hygiene year-round helps show consideration for everyone’s health and safety! Take the celebration to a whole new level by putting together hand hygiene goody bags. This can include small items such as hand sanitization bottles, infographic cards on the importance of hand hygiene and other on-the-go hygiene items such as travel tissues or hand-hygiene wipes. This is a fun and resourceful way to support your facility’s cleanliness goals by providing employees with hand-hygiene products they can use while on the job.


Reduce the spread of germs by spreading awareness of hand hygiene practices in your facility. At GSF USA, we continue to make efforts toward providing a sustainable, clean and safe environment for guests, with employees that are empowered by our leadership. Clean hands can help support your facility’s cleanliness goals and keep your occupants healthy and happy.


The heart of our company is in our team members who are committed to clean! At GSF USA, our employees continue to find new growth opportunities through educational programs and learning the latest techniques in the cleaning industry. Each day, they come to work ready to embody GSF’s mission through their hard work and loyalty to the customers they help.

Every quarter, we celebrate those who have reached new milestones and significant anniversaries at GSF. We are proud to recognize our staff’s dedication to providing a clean and safe environment for others! Thank you, and congratulations to the employees below who are celebrating milestone anniversaries in Q1 of 2023!

20th Anniversaries

Juan Pablo A., GSF Indiana

15th Anniversaries

Noel A., GSF Indiana

Randall S., GSF Indiana

10th Anniversaries

Roberto A., GSF Illinois

Martha C., GSF Indiana

Blanca G., GSF Indiana

David H., GSF Illinois

5th Anniversaries

Maria C., GSF Indiana

Jose C., GSF Illinois

Cody L., GSF Rockford

Magaly L., GSF Indiana

Juan M., GSF Indiana

Stefanie M., GSF Illinois

Adrian R., GSF Illinois

Ana T., GSF Illinois

The Heart of GSF USA

At GSF USA, our heart lies with our staff members who keep our company going and our customers happy. We hire individuals who not only embody our vision and goals but continuously seek growth and career development opportunities. Studies show that companies that prioritize employee satisfaction and engagement are 21% more profitable than their peers. When your employees feel good about coming to work, it reflects the culture of the company and the work that is done.

One of GSF USA’s more recent clients, Germantown School District, which is comprised of four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school, chose GSF USA to maintain their schools and help prioritize the health and safety of those who enter it daily. “Germantown School District chose GSF USA because of our strong culture and ability to grow and develop our people. They were drawn to our innovative approach to chemistry and technology and the trust they’ve built from our work in multiple other school districts. Simply put, we deliver on what we say we’re going to do,” said Vice President of GSF USA, Kurt Kuempel.

There are so many roles to fulfill at GSF, each one offering opportunities for growth and advancement. When asked about his role as GSF’s Wisconsin Branch Manager, Mark Streitmatter said, “My favorite part about my job is that every day looks different. I get a chance to train and develop people while promoting to our team that this is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to have a career.” A chance to advance in the workplace is important, not only for employee retention rate but also to help motivate people to want to expand their skill sets. At GSF USA, over 50% of Operations Managers were developed and promoted from within the company.

Another client, U.S. Cellular Plaza, chose GSF USA because of how its team structure stood out from other contractors. Creating a culture of employees that love what they do and show it through their work is an added value that customers appreciate. “GSF’s culture is unique in the industry because we empower our teams to be able to do the work,” said Kuempel “, We spend a lot of time training and developing at ‘GSF University’ and teaching them to be held accountable for the work that they do every day.”

Providing high-quality and sustainable cleaning solutions is at the core of GSF USA’s mission. This means that employees prioritize being well-trained in how to professionally clean each area, use cleaning equipment and supporting one another to ensure that the facilities they work in are getting the services they need. “Sustainable cleaning is important to our customers, so they know they’re coming into a building that has everything from good indoor air quality, to being properly clean and disinfected and creates a welcoming environment,” said GSF’s Director of Educational Services, Scott Mackall.

Our employees’ stories show that at GSF USA, we stand behind our mission. We view our staff as more than just people we hire, but as a team that we care for, support and want to help grow. Offering educational programs, onsite training and advancement opportunities is just the beginning of the core of our values and the heart of our company. Want to join our team? Check out our job openings!



Germantown School District in Wisconsin is comprised of four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school as well as Germantown Virtual School for students grades 6-12 living in the state of Wisconsin. More than 3,700 students are enrolled at the district, which has a goal to “Empower and Inspire Every Student to Success.”

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increased cleaning and disinfecting and the use of new equipment like electrostatic sprayers to address SARS-CoV-2. However, many conventional cleaning chemicals contain ingredients that can create unsafe conditions for cleaning professionals, students, staff and visitors. Germantown School District began looking for a better way to clean that would adequately protect against pathogens of concern while also prioritizing occupant safety and environmental sustainability.


Germantown School District selected GSF USA, a global cleaning services company, to oversee its cleaning program. GSF’s Green Seal®-certified Écologique cleaning program swaps traditional and potentially caustic cleaning chemicals with safer electrochemically-activated solutions (ECAS) from PathoSans®. ECAS are made with an on-site generation system using salt, water and electricity.

PathoClean® is a cleaner/degreaser and PathoCide® is a sanitizer/disinfectant. GSF USA operates two generators and 15 satellite units across the district’s buildings. Employees fill spray bottles with the cleaner and disinfectant. Staff can also safely use the disinfectant with equipment like electrostatic sprayers to quickly disinfect classrooms, hallways and bathrooms.

“Switching from multiple cleaning chemicals to two easy-to-use solutions from PathoSans greatly streamlines the cleaning and disinfecting process,” said Mark Streitmatter, Branch Manager, GSF USA. “The two solutions take care of the majority of the cleaning needs of the district and do not create safety risks because they are made with three simple ingredients.”


With the help of GSF USA and PathoSans, Germantown School District can be confident in:

Cleaning performance. The PathoClean cleaner has reduced the buildup of detergent residue on surfaces throughout the school that are common when using traditional cleaning chemicals. Meanwhile, the fast kill time of the PathoCide disinfectant helps GSF’s employees quickly yet effectively disinfect surfaces. The two products enable GSF to clean for health and appearance, making Germantown School District inviting and safe.

Good indoor air quality. Many cleaning chemicals release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and cause eye and lung irritation. The district previously had to have a separate disinfectant that was compatible with electrostatic sprayers, since the droplet size can impact health and safety. Now, the school has two solutions that are compatible with all surfaces and equipment, do not contain added fragrances or other caustic ingredients and do not emit VOCs. This supports better indoor air quality (IAQ).

Stable chemical supply. The PathoSans solutions are produced in house and on demand with easy-to-source ingredients. This means GSF will always have readily available supply of cleaner and disinfectant, eliminating any disruptions in the cleaning process.

Its commitment to sustainability. Because the PathoSans solutions are made up of water, salt and electricity, they are not harmful to the environment. Additionally, eradicating the shipment of cleaning chemicals to the district’s buildings eliminates the greenhouse gases associated with the transportation of these supplies.

“We’ve been impressed with the never-ending supply of cleaner and disinfectant that the PathoSans generators provide,” added Streitmatter. “The system makes inventory management much easier, as we just need to ensure that we have salt at the ready to continue producing the electrochemically-activated solutions.”