Tips for Onboarding New Cleaning Professionals

Tips for Onboarding New Cleaning Professionals

New hires are always an exciting addition to a facility. While most employees usually come with skill sets and prior knowledge of their own, it’s still important to help them learn the ropes and set them up for success. Every facility runs differently, making the first few weeks a critical time to assist new employees and familiarize them with what expectations they need to meet. This provides them with support as they transition into a new job and ensures that as a facility manager, you clearly state the cleanliness standards. Here are three tips for successfully onboarding new cleaning professionals.

Familiarize with Cleaning Procedures

Every facility has its own cleaning procedures and protocols that they follow. Even if your new employee has previously cleaned professionally, it’s still important to share with them how often the facility needs to be cleaned and the specific cleaning procedures for your company. If your facility is smaller, there may be tasks that only need to be done weekly or monthly. On the contrary, there may be tasks, such as taking out the garbage or mopping floors, that need to be done daily. It’s also helpful to share with your new employees the specific cleaning methods that the facility follows. For example, if you have a morning maintenance crew that is designated to restock the restrooms while the night-time maintenance crew is designated to clean the restrooms, that should be relayed to new employees to keep a steady routine in place.

Learn the Facility

Take time to help your new employees get comfortable with the facility. Especially if it’s a large facility, it will be useful for them to know where supply closets are, how many restrooms there are, the best times to clean certain rooms and which parts of the building they will need to focus on cleaning. Providing them with a map of the facility or a cleaning route can help familiarize them with the layout. It may also be helpful to have new employees shadow employees who have more experience. With any new job, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of the building, as well as where things are. However, it’s important for cleaning professionals to know the layout of the facility to ensure that they aren’t accidentally skipping over critical areas.

Equipment Training

Facilities use different cleaning equipment and products depending on the type of flooring they have, what tools are appropriate for the building and the types of chemicals that can be used. Make sure your new employees know where to find the equipment they may need to clean, how to maintain that equipment and how each piece of equipment should be used. Misuse of cleaning equipment or mixing the wrong chemicals together can lead to facility damage that becomes costly to repair. Providing all your employees with proper training in equipment usage can help to avoid injuries, damage and ensure that a proper job is done each time.

Providing Initial Support

Taking time to help successfully onboard new employees helps them feel welcomed and more confident in their role and  allows facility managers to set expectations from the beginning. When employees are provided with a strong support system, it reflects in the work they do and leaves a lasting impression on customers.