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our vision and values


We believe that a respected staff of cleaners is essential to the consistent delivery of high-quality office cleaning services and measurable change for our commercial clients.

We’re dedicated to building a trusted, professional cleaning staff and to do so, we cultivate an environment where our employees can thrive and grow. Through fair compensation, training, and development, we empower our staff to achieve the highest levels of professionalism and success. We not only care about clean, but we care about our people too.



GSF USA uses the latest technological tools to ensure smooth workflow, consistent quality control and a high level of client satisfaction. Our customized scheduling and workloading software allows us to monitor to quickly fill open shifts, thus avoiding unnecessary idle time. In addition, our software allows us to monitor productivity and put together competitive and transparent bids for prospective clients. We synchronize our software with time-tracking, communication and quality-control tools, as well as tools that aid various supervisory tasks, providing the greatest level of consistency and accountability.


GSF USA strives to use the most advanced equipment whenever possible, minimizing excess noise and maximizing filtration levels and air quality. Our equipment meets requirements for LEED-certified buildings, and GSF purchases are approved by our R&D department after rigorous testing for performance prior to use in our clients’ buildings. Each piece is selected based on the individual needs of each site, ensuring productive, efficient cleaning. GSF’s equipment must:

  • Ensure high efficiency and productivity
  • Be environmentally friendly and meet best industry standards
  • Operate safely for our operators as well as customers

Through our maintenance program, we repair or replace malfunctioning equipment ensuring its safety, efficiency and green cleaning capabilities. Maintenance logs are kept at each site, ensuring that each piece of GSF equipment is in perfect working condition.


GSF USA is a sustainable commercial cleaning company that carefully considers the impact of cleaning on people and the planet. We equip our teams with the right cleaning solutions, tools and technology to create safer and healthier environments for our customers and their facility occupants. Our procedures are developed by experts in our global R&D department to ensure our teams follow expert-recommended and proven best practices, and our Écologique cleaning program relies on processes certified by Green Seal®. Take the step towards greener cleaning today with GSF USA!

Commercial cleaning services



A greener approach to commercial cleaning not only benefits an organization’s bottom line, but also has a positive effect on a facility’s employees and occupants. At GSF USA, we are committed to protecting our planet. Through our unique Écologique cleaning program, we support customers in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of facility maintenance and cleaning. Our Green Seal®-certified process incorporates sustainable chemicals, equipment, consumables, documented training and procedures, and GSF University leadership development.


Daytime office cleaning services are often much more efficient and sustainable than cleaning during the evenings. Expansive and heavily-used areas accumulate dirt quickly, and less frequent cleaning can easily create an unhealthy and unsafe working environment. Plus, cleaning during the day while a property is already in use can bring tremendous energy savings.


At GSF USA, we have rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure that when we select, purchase and use our cleaning supplies, we remain efficient, cost-effective and adhere to the most progressive environmental standards. We share our thorough understanding of materials and how to best procure them with our clients, allowing them to rely on our expertise when restocking supplies like towels, soap and paper products.


Christophe Cognée, Vice Chairman at GSF USA

Vice Chairman

Christophe Cognée

Previously involved in exporting industrial equipment, Christophe Cognée joined GSF Group in 1990 as a Branch Manager, moving on to Regional Manager for the northern area of Paris region, and then in charge of Paris and its regions until 2015. After 26 years in operations, he is now a member of the GSF board and of GSF Partenaire, and also is in charge of North American activities.

LocationGSF France

Troy Bargmann, President at GSF USA


Troy Bargmann

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Troy Bargmann began his leadership career serving as an aviation officer in the U.S. Army. His business experience includes sales, service management, general management and vice president positions in B2B service industries. He has a track record of driving organic growth and profits by ensuring strong customer focus. Troy joined GSF in November 2007 and is responsible for leading GSF in all United States business operations.

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Joshua Swart General Manager at GSF Indiana

General Manager

Joshua Swart

Josh joined the team in September of 2021 as the General Manager of the Indiana office of GSF USA. He is responsible for all business and administrative operations in Indiana. Josh brings with him 19+ years of proven and award winning experience in team building and sales leadership. Prior to joining GSF, Josh was with EHOB, Inc. as the National Director of Sales. His formal education includes a BS in Criminal Justice from Indiana University with a minor in Sociology and a Certificate in Business.

LocationGSF Indiana

David Jackson, General Manager at GSF USA

General Manager


David began his journey with GSF USA in May of 2017 as an Area Manager and since December of 2021 has been promoted to the General Manager of the Illinois Rockford office. He is responsible for all business operations including sales, operations, and account management in the area of Rockford. David has a proven track record for building great teams of highly motivated custodial employees in different types of segments like healthcare, educational and industrial. Since 2019, he holds a Registered Building Service Manager (RBSM) certification from Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI).

LocationGSF Illinois Rockford

Kurt Kuempel, Vice President at GSF USA

Vice President

Kurt Kuempel

Since August of 2012, Kurt Kuempel has been the General Manager of the Illinois office of GSF USA, and is responsible for all business operations including sales, customer service, operations and account management. Kurt brings with him extensive experience in various service-oriented companies, and is a dynamic leader with proven success in developing strong teams and consistently delivering on customer service expectations. Prior to joining GSF, Kurt was with Carey International, the world’s leading premium chauffeur transportation company. Kurt served as a Vice President/General Manager with responsibilities for four Chicago-based subsidiaries with annual revenues over $20 million. Prior to joining Carey, he served as General Manager for North American Jet LLC, a privately owned FBO facility at Chicago’s Executive Airport. Kurt’s formal education includes an MBA from Lewis University, where he also earned Bachelor of Science degrees in both business and aviation.

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