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GSF's Commitment to sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For more than a decade, GSF USA has been committed to cleaning in a better way. We believe that responsible cleaning benefits our customers and their sustainability goals without sacrificing results.  

Our carefully developed Écologique cleaning program is certified by Green Seal® and offers the highest standard of clean while also considering the environmental impact at every step of the cleaning process. 

To earn this certification, we met Green Seal’s rigorous Cleaning Services Standard (GS-42)  requirements for cleaning procedures, equipment, chemicals, employee training, product labeling and communication.  

What is Écologique?

With our roots in France, our green cleaning program is named after the French word for ecological. Our Écologique program is comprised of five essential tenets: 

1. GSF University Leadership Training ​Growing and developing our team is essential to our process. Empowering and exposing our leaders to different leadership tools and techniques ensures our staff members safely and successfully implement cleaning operations. 

2. Documented Training and Procedures​ Every GSF USA employee completes a minimum of 24 hours of training to stay up to date on the latest trends and information.  GSF USA’s procedures are developed by R&D experts and clearly documented to ensure employees understand and follow proven best practices.   

3. Environmentally Sourced Consumables​  Carefully sourcing consumables like toilet paper, cleaning cloths and chemicals that align with the most progressive environmental standards can greatly reduce waste and negative environmental effects.   

4. Sustainable Cleaning Chemicals​ – We clean and disinfect with electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS) that are made with just water, salt and electricity. They are much safer than traditional cleaning chemicals and just as effective.    

5. High-tech Equipment​ – We vet and test the most advanced equipment, like robotic floor care machines and electrostatic disinfection systems, to ensure we have the highest quality equipment at our customers’ sites. This equipment helps to minimize excess noise and maximize filtration levels and air quality.   

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How Écologique Benefits You

Commercial cleaning is often a resource-intensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. Green cleaning solutions and services offer many benefits for buildings and their occupants.  

Through our Écologique cleaning program, we support: 

  • Infection prevention and control – Using expert-recommended cleaning and disinfecting protocols at the right frequencies and with the appropriate chemicals, tools and equipment help reduce the risk of outbreaks tied to viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Improved indoor air quality – Indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a noticeable impact on wellbeing, especially for people with conditions like asthma and allergies. Cleaning and disinfecting consistently with safe and sustainable cleaning chemicals is key to supporting good IAQ. 
  • Waste reduction – Using more environmentally friendly consumables limits waste and emissions. We accomplish this by producing cleaning and disinfecting solutions with an on-site generator using salt, water and electricity. This eliminates the need for emissions-producing shipments of bottled cleaning products and reduces plastic waste by allowing staff to refill spray bottles again and again.  
  • Highest standard of clean – Through Green Seal’s 3rd party verification, we can validate our proof of clean and demonstrate that what we set out to do is being accomplished. With an organized approach to cleaning in place, we can assure our customers that every area is being adequately addressed to protect against pathogens 
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