Celebrating Those Who Care About Clean at GSF USA

Congratulations to our team members who are celebrating significant milestones and anniversaries at GSF USA! We’re proud to have a dedicated team that works hard to provide a safe and clean environment for our customers.

At GSF, it’s our mission to build a team of trusted cleaning professionals with enthusiasm to learn and grow. With training and opportunities for career development, our employees gain the skills that will further them within the commercial cleaning industry. Thank you to everyone for their hard work! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

35th Anniversaries

Ronnie T., GSF Indiana

25th Anniversaries

Maria F., GSF Illinois

20th Anniversaries

Yadira D., GSF Indiana

Aurelio G., GSF Indiana

15th Anniversaries 

Guadalupe C., GSF Illinois

10th Anniversaries 

Dora D., GSF Ohio

Angelica G., GSF Illinois

Abraham L., GSF Indiana

Maria L., GSF Indiana

Larry M., GSF Ohio

Emerita S., GSF Indiana

Angel T., GSF Indiana

5th Anniversaries

Juan A., GSF Rockford

Jesus B., GSF Rockford

Marcos B., GSF Illinois

Lucila B., GSF Illinois

Ana B., GSF Illinois

Luis B., GSF Illinois

Donald B., GSF Rockford

Nancy C., GSF Illinois

Margarita C., GSF Illinois

Benjamin C., GSF Illinois

Lourdes D., GSF Illinois

Martha E., GSF Illinois

Ma E., GSF Illinois

Maria G., GSF Indiana

Iris G., GSF Indiana

Yesenia G., GSF Illinois

Nicholas H., GSF Rockford

Laura J., GSF Illinois

Christina L., GSF Rockford

Scott M., GSF Illinois

Maria M., GSF Indiana

Eloy O., GSF Illinois

Grace Abdu P., GSF Rockford

Lucia R., GSF Indiana

Montserrat R., GSF Indiana

Maria Del Rosario R., GSF Illinois

Gabina T., GSF Illinois

Rigoberto V., GSF Illinois