How On-site Generation of Chemicals Enhances Readiness to Clean

PathoSans cleaning products on a desk

Imagine a world in which your operation won’t run out of cleaner and disinfectant, even if another pandemic emerges and demand surges to record highsConsider the possibility of chemicals made from just three safe ingredients.  

It may sound like a dream, but these goals are achievableWith on-site generation (OSG) systems, you can make safe, sustainable cleaning a reality. OSG systems help you improve the appearance of your facility and elevate your cleaning program. You can better safeguard the health of your building’s cleaning and maintenance professionals, occupants and visitors with readily available cleaning solutions.  

What is On-site Generation? 

OSG systems use salt, water and electricity to produce two electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS)In one tank, the system creates a cleaner/degreasersodium hydroxide solution. In the other tank, it produces a disinfectant/sanitizerotherwise known as hypochlorous acidEmployees can easily dispense chemicals into spray bottles, mop buckets and floor care equipment.  

On-site generators are housed in a janitorial closet and can easily meet the needs of large facilities like schools, convention centers and commercial office buildings. Daily and monthly maintenance tasks keep the system running smoothly, enabling facilities to always have adequate volumes of cleaner and disinfectant.   

On-site Generation Creates Many Benefits 

On-site generation of cleaning and disinfecting solutions offers many benefits, including: 

Reliable supply.

During the pandemic, supply chains struggled to keep up with demand and shipments experienced delays. In some cases, organizations had to purchase and use different chemicals than their staff members were accustomed to.  

With OSG, facilities are always ready to clean. They have 24/7 access to cleaning and disinfecting solutions that have proven efficacy against numerous types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Facility managers can ramp up production to respond to an outbreak, prepare for a large event or expand cleaning services to new areas of a building with ease. 

Enhanced safety

Essential frontline cleaners are at greater risk for chemical accidents or injuriesA surprising number of convention cleaning chemicals have high concentrations of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which can irritate the skin, eyes and throat. Incorrect chemical mixtures or dilutions can aggravate health conditions and even be deadly. 

Because ECAS are made from just salt, water and electricity and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates, detergents or fragrances, they can help facilities boost employee attendance, comfort and performance. Effective cleaning solutions also protect custodians and building occupants from pathogens of concern.  


Many organizations are also taking a closer look at the effect that their cleaning programs have on the environment. Some products on the market claim to be environmentally friendly but in reality, some are using greenwashing to drive sales.  

ECAS are the way of the future for green cleaningThey help organizations reduce their environmental footprint by limiting packaging, shipping, water use and waste. They are also drain- and disposal-friendly, and are made from three safe and easily accessible ingredients.  

Simplified training. 

When custodial employees must learn about and use many different types of chemicals, it makes training and cleaning processes more complex. Simplifying training saves time and can help reduce high turnover rates 

With only two chemicals, a cleaner and disinfectant, it’s easier to onboard new employees and teach them how to address surfaces throughout the facility. Staff are ready to clean much more quickly compared to alternative cleaning and disinfecting processes   

A Better Approach to Cleaning 

In-house custodial teams and building service contractors often collaborate when overseeing cleaning in large facilities. Having easy, on-site access to effective chemicals means that cleaning teams are always ready for consistent, safe, sustainable and simple cleaning. This allows organizations to better prevent outbreaks and maintain their commitment to the new standard of cleanliness.  

The transition from traditional chemicals to ECAS is incredibly simple. By working with a qualified service provider, you can quickly implement a safer and more sustainable approach to cleaning that will benefit your employees, occupants and visitors 

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