Ensuring Consistent Cleanliness Across Multiple Sites

Keeping up with cleaning in one facility is difficult, let alone multiple. To promote safe and hygienic environments, consistent cleaning should be prioritized throughout all facilities. Ensuring cleanliness leaves a positive impression, promotes good hygiene, and boosts workplace productivity amongst your employees. 62% of employees express that seeing regular sanitation professionals increases their feeling of safety. There are many benefits to ensuring each site is consistently clean.

Here are three tips to implement to help ensure consistent cleanliness across multiple facilities.

Develop a Comprehensive Cleaning Plan

Maintaining cleanliness across multiple sites can be challenging. To ease this difficulty, create a detailed cleaning plan for each facility. These plans should include specific cleaning protocols designed for each site, given each site has a unique layout with varying rooms, to allow for accurate sanitization of the areas. Another term for this is standard operating procedure (SOPs). The SOP, whether in physical or digital format, should be easily accessible within each facility. It must include a comprehensive outline for correct cleaning protocols, such as hazard management and tool and chemical usage. However, utilizing a team of cleaning professionals can significantly alleviate stress on your facility staff by streamlining the tasks at hand. They can assist in ensuring every area is regularly cleaned to maintain the facility’s hygiene and safety standards.

Implement Comprehensive Training

With each facility having a unique layout, it’s crucial your team receives adequate training to understand the specific maintenance requirements at each site. An effective method to equip your maintenance team with comprehensive knowledge of each facility is by providing onboarding training. Training opportunities can include a diverse range of information on cleaning chemicals, proper use of equipment, safety protocols and cleaning frequency. This training helps to facilitate their familiarity with each building and essential protocols to keep them safe. Also, onboarding training allows your employees to have a comprehensive overview of their duties and increases new hire retention by 82%. Thorough training enhances retention and offers a complete understanding of the cleaning process for each facility, enabling consistent cleanliness.

Invest in Quality Equipment and Supplies

Investing in quality equipment lets you know each site has the correct tools to clean effectively. This means having updated technology and cleaning products you can trust. Over 88% of maintenance frustration stems from having out-of-date technology that slows down processes and lowers workplace productivity. Cleaning professionals can help ensure all equipment and tools are up to date to prevent any frustrations for your janitor staff.

Many traditional cleaning products contain high levels of dangerous or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Switching to green cleaning products throughout your facilities creates a cleaner environment and ensures your building is properly disinfected. By utilizing consistent eco-friendly products across your facilities, you establish consistency and assurance every building maintains the same hygienic level.

Uphold the Cleanliness of your Facility

While upholding cleanliness standards across multiple facilities may be challenging, effective planning can make it easier. Hiring an external team of cleaning professionals offers additional assistance for tackling more demanding maintenance tasks, enabling your current team to easily perform their job. Being equipped with the right strategy and training can allow your facilities to be well-prepared to address any potential issues.