Heart of GSF: Willie Jackson

GSF USA is committed to hiring a team of professionals who share the same goal of providing exceptional work to clients and are eager to learn while continuously developing their careers. We are thankful to have a strong team of employees who come to work every day with a growth mindset and hard work ethic. Their dedication to the clients who choose to work with us is what creates quality results that customers value.  

One of GSF’s more recent employees, Willie, is a prime example of hiring individuals who have a willingness to learn and a commitment to providing quality results through their work performance. Although Willie has worked in the cleaning industry for over 40 years, he has been with GSF as an Area Manager for only 9 months. “I chose to work for GSF because I heard they were different. So far, my experience has been wonderful,” stated Willie, “They promote that they care about their employees, and I have found that to be exactly true by watching them consistently put GSF team members first.”  

As an Area Manager, Willie’s role requires him to visit clients and work directly at their sites. “I’ve seen GSF make a significant impact on the clients they work with,” said Willie, “They really listen to their client’s needs and respond with effective solutions.” Between new partnerships and clients, it’s essential for GSF to provide clean and safe facilities consistently. “GSF is great at ensuring that the buildings we clean make a good impression on the public, specifically entryways and restroom maintenance,” stated Willie, “The appearance of a facility, as well as how it’s maintained, has a profound impact on the public’s perception and likeliness to return. This makes it important for us to provide high-quality cleaning results to all our clients.”  

Additionally, GSF is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its outsourced cleaning services. This means employees are regularly introduced to and working together to learn about new cleaning technology, equipment and techniques. “We have a strong culture at GSF. Everyone gets along, which has made it easy to build relationships with my team,” said Willie, “We all show up to work excited to learn and develop our careers.”  

Employees like Willie are the reason GSF has such a strong company culture. Cultivating a work environment of team members who inspire those around them to grow and succeed leads to exceptional performance and quality results. The heart of GSF is made up of a dedicated team of individuals who believe no task is too much and that a sustainable, clean facility can help make a positive impact. Interested in joining a team like Willie’s? Check out our open positions! 

The Top 3 Advantages of Automating Cleaning Tasks

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving. Even in just the past five years, technology has changed drastically and will continue to influence the cleaning industry greatly. This technology helps to meet the rising demand and pressure for facilities to be spotless. 85% of consumers want visible proof that a facility has been cleaned. This creates increased pressure for facility managers to keep up with the demand and can cause excess strain on their cleaning teams.

A way to keep up with the pressing cleanliness demand is to implement automated cleaning tools. These tools can aid in simplifying your cleaning tasks and allow your cleaning staff to pivot their efforts elsewhere.

More time efficient

Think about conventional floor cleaning. This method requires your team to spend hours on end operating the machine to clean the floors. Automated floor cleaning robots can be programmed to clean by themselves, saving your team hours. These machines require little human labor and can run all day, saving your cleaning team time to put their efforts into different tasks.

Robotic self-guided vacuums that handle dirt removal can operate autonomously for up to 3 hours, cleaning nearly 50,000 square feet per week. The built-in AI platform allows these vacuums to develop their own cleaning routes for areas that require cleaning. Automated vacuums help take the hassle out of manual vacuum sweeping.

Safer for cleaning professionals

Automated and high-tech cleaning equipment can help to make work environments safer, helping minimize mistakes made by human error. For example, consider overnight cleaning crews who, when fatigued, can make errors, potentially resulting in mixing wrong cleaning chemicals, equipment damage or excessive product usage. Automated equipment, programmed for reliability and equipped with sensors and safety features, help effectively minimize such risks.

Environmentally friendly

Automated cleaning machines offer a sustainable alternative to manual cleaning. GSF USA’s Écologique program is backed by a Green Seal® certification, ensuring a genuinely eco-friendly approach. Our programmable machines allow cleaners to precisely control the amount of cleaning solution used, helping to minimize excess waste. This helps create a more environmentally responsible cleaning process.

Our machines also feature ec-H2O™ technology, transforming tap water into a safe cleaning solution through electrolysis. This innovative method conserves water usage by up to 70% and minimizes wastewater generation. It also efficiently removes soil without leaving a chemical residue, helping to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable solution.

Transforming Cleaning

Automating cleaning tasks offers a significant advantage in today’s evolving cleaning industry. It helps to enhance efficiency, safety and promotes sustainability in the facility. Embracing automation is a crucial step towards meeting the demands of modern cleanliness while contributing to a greener future.

At GSF USA, we care about clean and the people behind clean. CONTACT US to learn how we can help support your facility’s cleaning needs and follow us on LINKEDIN and FACEBOOK for updates.

Implementing Infection Prevention Practices in Your Facility

This week marks the start of International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW). As a facility manager, this is a perfect time to reflect upon your current infection prevention protocols and identify areas you can improve. A survey found that 7 in 10 consumers pay more attention to the level of cleanliness of the facilities they visit. Updating your cleaning team’s routine for heightened infection prevention can help your facility be prepared in case of an outbreak.

Here are some key practices you can implement in your facility to help create an effective infection prevention program.

Key Infection Prevention Practices

Enforce Proper Hand Hygiene

Proper handwashing is a core pillar of cleanliness and infection prevention. Research shows that over 80% of common infections are spread by hand, making it crucial for facilities to promote proper handwashing techniques throughout. Consider installing signage in restrooms to remind your facility occupants of the correct hand-washing techniques. Remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Ensure your facility has proper hand hygiene essentials such as soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels readily available throughout. This allows your facility occupants never to have to go without the proper hand hygiene essentials.

Educate and Train Your Staff

To create a successful cleaning program, you must properly train your staff. Education helps make employees feel more comfortable working with various chemicals, equipment and machines. This training is crucial for your employees to understand how to disinfect your facility properly. That way, in case of an outbreak, you can have confidence that your cleaning team is ready to go.

If your staff feels ill, they should feel comfortable taking time off to heal. If a staff member comes in sick, it could potentially cause them to spread their germs to coworkers and other building occupants. Within your training, create a list of procedures to follow if anyone calls out sick and how employees can cover for them. Additionally, consider posting signage to encourage all facility visitors who are feeling ill to avoid entering the building.

At GSF-USA, we ensure all our employees undergo mandatory training to stay updated on the latest trends and information. Our program helps ensure our staff members can safely and successfully implement cleaning operations within your facility.

Create Standard Cleaning Protocols

In addition to educating your team on proper cleaning techniques, it’s crucial to establish and enforce standard cleaning procedures. Focus on minimizing cross-contamination by consistently cleaning high-touch surfaces to remove visible dirt and debris. Follow this with disinfection as needed, aligning with the CDC recommendations. Nevertheless, these tasks should always be addressed, with particular attention given to disinfection during an outbreak in your facility or during peak flu season.

Tackle Infection Prevention with Ease

Take this week to reflect on your facility’s current cleaning routine to identify ideas that can be improved to help enhance the overall hygiene of your facility. Creating an infection prevention plan can help ensure your cleaning team’s readiness in the event of an outbreak within your facility. By incorporating the above practices, you can be assured of your team’s preparedness to confront any hygiene challenges.

Infection prevention should be a year-round focus for your facility. Do you have a qualified team ready to uphold your infection prevention program? Contact GSF USA here to learn how we can help.

Celebrating Those Who Care About Clean at GSF USA

Congratulations to our team members who are celebrating recent anniversaries and milestones at GSF USA! We are proud to have dedicated and hardworking employees who provide a safe and clean environment for our customers.  

At GSF, it is our mission to build a trusted, professional cleaning staff with an eagerness to learn and grow. Through training and career development, our employees harness skills that will further their skills within the commercial cleaning industry. We not only care about clean, but we care about our people too. 

30th Anniversaries 

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