Celebrating Those Who Care About Clean at GSF USA

Celebrating people that care about clean at GSF USA

Congratulations to our team members who are celebrating recent anniversaries and milestones at GSF USA! We are proud to have dedicated and hardworking employees who provide a safe and clean environment for our customers.  

At GSF, it is our mission to build a trusted, professional cleaning staff with an eagerness to learn and grow. Through training and career development, our employees harness skills that will further their skills within the commercial cleaning industry. We not only care about clean, but we care about our people too. 

30th Anniversaries 

Sallie J., GSF Indiana 

15th Anniversaries  

Carina O., GSF Indiana 

Silvia S., GSF Indiana 

10th Anniversaries  

Gustavo B., GSF Indiana 

Rodrigo C., GSF Indiana 

Ana C., GSF Illinois 

Mario F., GSF Indiana 

Honorio G., GSF Indiana  

Romina I., GSF Indiana 

Andres M., GSF Indiana 

5th Anniversaries 

Abigail B., GSF Indiana 

Paula C., GSF Indiana 

Juan C., GSF Illinois  

Gustavo G., GSF Illinois  

Oscar G., GSF Illinois  

Magda H., GSF Illinois  

Jack H., GSF Ohio 

Catalina M., GSF Illinois  

Cita M., GSF Indiana  

Blanca M., GSF Illinois  

Ana N., GSF Illinois  

Sara P., GSF Illinois  

Wioletta P., GSF INC. 

Ricardo R., GSF Illinois  

Pedro R., GSF Illinois  

Blanca S., GSF Illinois  

Julio T., GSF Illinois