Heart of GSF: Willie Jackson

Employee Spotlight Heart of GSF: Willie Jackson Area Manager at GSF USA

GSF USA is committed to hiring a team of professionals who share the same goal of providing exceptional work to clients and are eager to learn while continuously developing their careers. We are thankful to have a strong team of employees who come to work every day with a growth mindset and hard work ethic. Their dedication to the clients who choose to work with us is what creates quality results that customers value.  

One of GSF’s more recent employees, Willie, is a prime example of hiring individuals who have a willingness to learn and a commitment to providing quality results through their work performance. Although Willie has worked in the cleaning industry for over 40 years, he has been with GSF as an Area Manager for only 9 months. “I chose to work for GSF because I heard they were different. So far, my experience has been wonderful,” stated Willie, “They promote that they care about their employees, and I have found that to be exactly true by watching them consistently put GSF team members first.”  

As an Area Manager, Willie’s role requires him to visit clients and work directly at their sites. “I’ve seen GSF make a significant impact on the clients they work with,” said Willie, “They really listen to their client’s needs and respond with effective solutions.” Between new partnerships and clients, it’s essential for GSF to provide clean and safe facilities consistently. “GSF is great at ensuring that the buildings we clean make a good impression on the public, specifically entryways and restroom maintenance,” stated Willie, “The appearance of a facility, as well as how it’s maintained, has a profound impact on the public’s perception and likeliness to return. This makes it important for us to provide high-quality cleaning results to all our clients.”  

Additionally, GSF is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its outsourced cleaning services. This means employees are regularly introduced to and working together to learn about new cleaning technology, equipment and techniques. “We have a strong culture at GSF. Everyone gets along, which has made it easy to build relationships with my team,” said Willie, “We all show up to work excited to learn and develop our careers.”  

Employees like Willie are the reason GSF has such a strong company culture. Cultivating a work environment of team members who inspire those around them to grow and succeed leads to exceptional performance and quality results. The heart of GSF is made up of a dedicated team of individuals who believe no task is too much and that a sustainable, clean facility can help make a positive impact. Interested in joining a team like Willie’s? Check out our open positions!