The Top 3 Advantages of Automating Cleaning Tasks

Advantages of automating cleaning tools GSF USA

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving. Even in just the past five years, technology has changed drastically and will continue to influence the cleaning industry greatly. This technology helps to meet the rising demand and pressure for facilities to be spotless. 85% of consumers want visible proof that a facility has been cleaned. This creates increased pressure for facility managers to keep up with the demand and can cause excess strain on their cleaning teams.

A way to keep up with the pressing cleanliness demand is to implement automated cleaning tools. These tools can aid in simplifying your cleaning tasks and allow your cleaning staff to pivot their efforts elsewhere.

More time efficient

Think about conventional floor cleaning. This method requires your team to spend hours on end operating the machine to clean the floors. Automated floor cleaning robots can be programmed to clean by themselves, saving your team hours. These machines require little human labor and can run all day, saving your cleaning team time to put their efforts into different tasks.

Robotic self-guided vacuums that handle dirt removal can operate autonomously for up to 3 hours, cleaning nearly 50,000 square feet per week. The built-in AI platform allows these vacuums to develop their own cleaning routes for areas that require cleaning. Automated vacuums help take the hassle out of manual vacuum sweeping.

Safer for cleaning professionals

Automated and high-tech cleaning equipment can help to make work environments safer, helping minimize mistakes made by human error. For example, consider overnight cleaning crews who, when fatigued, can make errors, potentially resulting in mixing wrong cleaning chemicals, equipment damage or excessive product usage. Automated equipment, programmed for reliability and equipped with sensors and safety features, help effectively minimize such risks.

Environmentally friendly

Automated cleaning machines offer a sustainable alternative to manual cleaning. GSF USA’s Écologique program is backed by a Green Seal® certification, ensuring a genuinely eco-friendly approach. Our programmable machines allow cleaners to precisely control the amount of cleaning solution used, helping to minimize excess waste. This helps create a more environmentally responsible cleaning process.

Our machines also feature ec-H2O™ technology, transforming tap water into a safe cleaning solution through electrolysis. This innovative method conserves water usage by up to 70% and minimizes wastewater generation. It also efficiently removes soil without leaving a chemical residue, helping to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable solution.

Transforming Cleaning

Automating cleaning tasks offers a significant advantage in today’s evolving cleaning industry. It helps to enhance efficiency, safety and promotes sustainability in the facility. Embracing automation is a crucial step towards meeting the demands of modern cleanliness while contributing to a greener future.

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