How to Prolong the Life of your Carpet

Prolonging the life of your carpets

It’s no surprise that flooring is one asset that regularly requires maintenance. Soft flooring like carpet is susceptible to frequent soiling and staining, especially in high-traffic settings like retail stores, airports, libraries and convention centers. Every day, your building’s occupants and visitors track loose dirt and wet contaminants like water and mud into the facility. Keeping these soils from impacting the look of carpet is crucial. Read on to learn best practices for prolonging the life of your flooring and upholding your brand image 

The Case for Clean Carpet 

Clean carpet is aesthetically pleasing and sets the tone for every customer’s visit. Research shows that dirty carpet can lead to reputational damage and other problematic outcomes for organizations. According to a 2020 survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of carpet care system manufacturer Whittaker, 93% of Americans say dirty carpet would negatively impact their perception of a business. Thus, organizations risk upsetting and losing the majority of their customer base if they do not have a dedicated approach to carpet care in place.  

The survey revealed exactly how facility visitors would respond upon seeing dirty carpet. More than half of U.S. adults (58%) would assume the facility is not clean. In the wake of the pandemic, customers must believe in your facility’s commitment to maintaining clean environments. Additionally, 56% would look for an alternative facility to visit, leading to lost business that may be difficult to recoup. Half would spend less time in the facility. In places where goods and services are sold, like retail stores, hotels and convention centers, less time in the facility often translates to fewer sales. 

Tips for Five-star Flooring 

Keep carpet clean and extend its lifespan by implementing the following best practices: 

Install matting.

Matting is carpet’s first line of defense against soils because it removes the majority of contaminants from guests’ shoes before they reach carpeted flooring. It is much easier and cost-effective to remove and clean matting than it is to clean carpet constantly. Install matting at entrances, allowing for several feet to give visitors ample space to wipe and scrape the soles of their shoes. Matting is a year-round essential, though it is most crucial during wet seasons like winter when moisture from snow and ice melting products become stuck in shoe treads.  

Vacuum regularly.

It is easier to conduct more thorough carpet cleaning if you vacuum regularly to remove embedded soils from carpet fibers. While your vacuuming schedule will vary depending on foot traffic and typical weather patterns, it is recommended to do so consistently. This could mean daily or every other day.  

Thanks to improvements in technology, vacuuming is more efficient than ever. Consider implementing an autonomous vacuum sweeper that not only delivers a high-quality clean but proof of performance. At GSF USA, we rely on Whiz from SoftBank Robotics, powered by BrainOS, an operating system from robotics industry leader Brain Corp. Robotic vacuuming allows employees to focus on other high-priority tasks while floor care is completed. 

Address stains as soon as possible.

Spills are inevitable, but stains don’t have to be. Train custodial professionals to be on the lookout for spills throughout their shifts so these can be cleaned up promptly. To effectively remove stains and keep them from impacting the overall look of carpet, have a range of different stain removal solutions on hand. Some stains will be food- and beverage-based, while bodily fluids like blood and vomit may cause others. Employees should understand how to identify the stain type and apply the solution to maintain a like-new appearance.   

Keeping Carpet in Great Shape 

Every facility manager wants to impress their guests through cleanliness. Since flooring is often the first thing customers encounter upon entering a building, it must always look its best. By following the recommendations outlined above or working with a building service contractor to outsource carpet care, facility managers can ensure that carpet remains clean and lasts for years to come. This will result in improved guest satisfaction and translate to positive word-of-mouth, longer visits, increased sales and a stronger bottom line. Plus, less frequent replacement results in less landfill waste. With all of these benefits tied to floor care, it’s a must-have on your list of maintenance priorities.  

Carpeted flooring can last for many years if it is properly cared for regularly. Contact us to learn how we can support your carpet care needs, and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates.