Why GSF USA Uses Robotic Floor Scrubbers

Robotic floor scrubber machine

Robotic floor scrubbers are increasingly being adopted by cleaning service providers to clean more efficiently and effectively. In fact, vetting and adopting high-tech equipment like automated machines is one of the key tenets of GSF USA’s Écologique cleaning program. By implementing high-quality equipment, we can help our clients realize environmental savings and create cleaner indoor environments that support the health and wellbeing of occupants and visitors. 

The T7AMR is a robotic solution from Tennant, a leader in commercial floor cleaning machines. It is powered by an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform, making it a smart solution and a great addition to GSF USA’s fleet.

Download the GSF USA Tennant Case Study or read it here to learn how this machine is helping to power our cleaning program at Bolingbrook High School.