How GSF USA Maintains Beautiful Floors

GSF USA Maintains Beautiful Floors

GSF USA Maintains Beautiful Floors with 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor System 


Terrazzo installers have been installing Terrazzo floors to a 200-grit level for too long, which then requires facility maintenance personnel to regularly add finish to floors to uphold its appearance. While this floor finish can have high gloss upon initial application, the gloss gradually decreases when exposed to consistent foot traffic. Over time, floor finish scratches show black scuff marks and has dirt embedded into its top layers. 

The typical cycle of maintaining floor finish involves cleaning, burnishing, scrubbing and re-coating. This is repeated until the coating is so dirty or yellow that it must be stripped entirely and re-coated.  

GSF USA, a global cleaning services company, sought a better way to care for Terrazzo floors in its customers’ buildings, including Valley View School District, which consists of 25 buildings totaling approximately 2.5 million square feet, and Hinsdale Township High School District 86 with over 4,000 students. 

“This floor care process can be time consuming and labor intensive, especially if it has to be repeated often,” said Kurt Kuempel, General Manager, GSF USA. “Foregoing proper floor finish maintenance negatively impacts the look and lifespan of flooring, and can also take a toll on the visitor experience and brand reputation.” 


An essential factor in the efficient operation of a school district is a well-organized, responsive building operations and maintenance department. Working with 3M™, a market leader in floor care, GSF USA implemented a system that physically polishes the Terrazzo using Trizact abrasives and traditional janitorial equipment. The clarity of the polish has a significantly different look than floor finish.  

After the floor is polished, GSF USA adds 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector, which leverages a hybrid technology that densifies, impregnates and works as a wear layer that is more scratch resistant than floor finish. The floor protector will look better longer and is designed to stand up to even the most high-traffic environments. 


With 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor System, GSF USA realizes the following benefits: 

Improved appearance of floors.

The floor protector provides a long-lasting, glossy, natural-looking floor that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches. According to Tim Donohoe, Site Supervisor at Hinsdale Central High School, “the finished results are excellent and the appearance of a clean and shiny floor is very noticeable. I applaud GSF for having the expertise to do this work in a professional manner.” 

Simplified maintenance.

Not only does this system enhance the aesthetic of these high-traffic buildings, it also requires far less maintenance compared to floor finish. It is swift and easy for GSF USA’s team to spot repair damaged areas. 

Safer buildings for occupants and visitors.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), floors and flooring materials are responsible for more than two million fall injuries each year. The result is billions of dollars in medical, insurance and litigation costs. In just two coats, 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector creates an NFSI Certified High Traction surface that can help prevent slips and falls. 

Environmentally friendly floor care.

With the stone floor system, there is no stripping or deep scrubbing required. This eliminates staff and building occupant exposure to and environmental release of potential hazardous stripping chemicals. 

“The ‘before’ and ‘after’ results with 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor System are incredible,” added Kuempel. “Our team members appreciate how easy it is to use and maintain, and that our customers notice the difference in appearance.” 

 Download the PDF here: GSF_3M_Case Study