Facility Maintenance Musts for a Safe Building

Facility Maintenance Musts for a Safe Building, tips from the experts at GSF USA

June is National Safety Month. The annual observance brings awareness to efforts that reduce unintentional injuries in the workplace. GSF USA is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment starting with a well-kept building. Research shows that 64% of guests will leave an establishment that feels unsafe or unclean. Safety starts with the consideration of others’ health, which means cultivating a facility that meets today’s cleaning standards is essential.

Routine Professional Cleaning

Unsurprisingly, our environment affects our emotions, health and attitudes. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between the cleanliness of a facility and the productivity and happiness of employees. When workers have a clean environment to come to each day, it promotes motivation and shows consideration for their well-being. On the contrary, facilities that are not maintained or cleaned regularly can lead to increased levels of workplace-related stress, health issues, and decreased retention rates. Utilizing a team of cleaning professionals can help not only ensure that your facility is being maintained on a regular basis, but also takes the stress off employees to keep up with cleaning while also prioritizing work-related tasks. Setting expectations for your custodial team on how often each space needs to be cleaned can help ensure that your cleanliness standards are being met. There are many factors that determine how often your facility needs to be cleaned, like the size of it or how many people occupy it each day.

Proper Use of Cleaning Equipment

Using cleaning chemicals and equipment incorrectly can lead to dangerous and in some cases even fatal injuries. This makes it essential to hire cleaning professionals that are trained in how to properly mix certain cleaning chemicals and use equipment without causing damage to themselves or the facility. Storing cleaning chemicals is another task that can quickly become dangerous, as overstocking inventory can become hazardous. Outsourcing cleaning professionals efficiently eliminates the danger of overstocking supply closets and ensures that properly trained professionals are cleaning effectively and safely. Many commonly used cleaning chemicals contain harsh chemicals that can lead to various health problems with prolonged use. Help keep your employees and occupants safe by utilizing green cleaning products that are made with safer ingredients but still sanitize and disinfect effectively. Not only does this help benefit the health and safety of your facility, but it protects the environment.

Optimized Maintenance Training

Although your hired cleaning team may come with their own set of skills, it’s important to ensure your facility’s cleanliness standards are clear, as each building is cleaned differently. Providing onboarding training can help maintenance staff get familiar with the building and how each space should be maintained. Training opportunities include learning which cleaning chemicals should be used on various surfaces, how to use cleaning equipment correctly and how often certain cleaning procedures need to be done. It’s important to communicate expectations, such as how often trash cans should be emptied or which days the floors should be cleaned. Onboard training can help you have peace of mind that your cleaning staff are on the same page and do a thorough job of keeping the building clean and safe for everyone.

Safe Cleaning for a Safe Building

National Safety Month is an opportunity to bring awareness of prioritizing the health and safety of those who enter your building. Take time to ensure your cleaning staff is properly trained, taking correct cleaning measures and maintaining every part of your facility. Help promote employee productivity and wellness while inviting guests into a thriving facility that looks and feels clean and safe.