Implementing Sustainability in the New Year

Implementing Sustainability in the New Year

A new year comes with new hopes and goals. For businesses, this means thinking of ways to find new opportunities for growth and improvement in the workplace. In recent years, working toward more sustainable and greener practices is one that numerous businesses have felt is an important step to take in improving not only their work environment but also their business and relationships with customers. Recent studies have found that consumers look for businesses that take responsibility for environmental practices. Start 2023 green with these tips on implementing sustainability in the new year:

Part Ways With Plastic

Around 380 million metric tons of plastic are produced yearly, which accounts for over 27 million tons in landfills. Reducing the amount of single-use plastic being used in the workplace is a small but significant way to practice sustainability. You can start by providing a water cooler or company-affiliated water bottles to reduce the number of employees bringing in plastic water bottles. If you are a retail store, opt out of using plastic shopping bags and instead use paper bags and encourage customers to bring their own bags. Many stores have started charging shoppers who request plastic bags. Another way to reduce single-use plastic is by working with suppliers who use less plastic when distributing materials to your facility.  Partner with companies that make sustainably conscious decisions like PathoSans and GSF USA, who are mindful of reducing plastic usage when cleaning facilities by utilizing refillable bottles for cleaning.

Clean with Green

Most conventional cleaning products are made from toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is not only better for the environment but also for your business. Using sustainable cleaning products can save money, as many sustainable cleaning products are made to last longer and work more effectively than conventional cleaning products. Although the products may be more expensive up-front, in the long run, you will save more money. Sustainable cleaning products are a much healthier alternative to eliminate dust, allergens and germs. It can also improve air quality, being a safer solution for employees and guests. Investing in a sustainable cleaning program is another time and cost-saving solution as you can prioritize your work while cleaning professionals focus on creating a healthy and clean environment using sustainable practices.

Encourage Change

Discuss with your employees that the health and safety of themselves, as well as customers, is a top priority in the workplace. This starts with creating sustainable practices that benefit not just the people in it, but also the environment. Encourage employees to increase recycling. Implementing incentives for employees who go above and beyond to practice sustainability in the workplace is a fun and creative way to get everyone involved. Encourage going paperless to reduce the amount of waste in the office by implementing e-notifications and updates. The usage of hybrid work settings was originally put in place during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic but is still being used today. In fact, 74% of businesses are planning to remain hybrid moving forward. Hybrid work settings have been found to be an environmentally friendly solution to five-day work weeks by reducing daily transportation to and from the office.


Implementing sustainability in the workplace has become a social responsibility for companies. As consumers pay more attention to brands and businesses that acknowledge the importance of working toward a greener future and act by making company changes, it is now more important than ever for businesses to take action in doing so. Small changes can lead to a big impact. By working together to make environmentally conscious changes today we can see a better and healthier tomorrow.