Ensuring Student Well-being through Sustainable Cleaning at Saint Clement School

Sustainable cleaning at Saint Clement School

The Challenge 

Saint Clement School is a private Catholic institution in Chicago serving approximately 300 students from pre-school through eighth grade. As the COVID-19 outbreak intensified, Saint Clement began using higher volumes of cleaning and disinfecting solutions to ensure they were creating a safe and healthy environment for students. The school also deployed electrostatic sprayers to disinfect classrooms each evening, stretching its supply of cleaner and disinfectant to the limit.  

To meet new cleaning demands and take the best possible care of its students, Saint Clement needed a different approach that allowed for more frequent cleaning and disinfecting without threatening supply. The school also wanted to be sure it could clearly communicate the reasons for and the benefits of the new cleaning program to parents and faculty. 

To address these challenges, Saint Clement turned to its trusted building service contractor, GSF USA, to recommend meaningful changes to the school’s cleaning program.  


GSF recommended Saint Clement use electrochemically-activated cleaning and disinfecting solutions, also known as ECAS. These innovative solutions are generated on campus and harness the power of simple chemistry to clean surfaces and combat pathogens. GSF trusted PathoSans®, a leader in ECAS, to install and maintain their on-site generation (OSG) system, which creates one multi-purpose cleaner, PathoClean®, and one sanitizer/disinfectant, PathoCide®. 

The PathoSans ECAS are an ideal fit for Saint Clement for the following reasons: 

Consistent supply.

ECAS remedied the issue of unreliable supply because GSF’s employees can generate the solutions on demand and increase the volume to clean more frequently. In addition to increased concerns around health related to the pandemic, large spaces like cafeterias and gymnasiums require access to a steady supply of cleaning solutions. Fortunately, the OSG system can create enough solution to clean any facility, no matter the size. 

Effective against pathogens.

The PathoSans ECAS are extremely effective on a wide variety of surfaces, especially when used in a simple two-step cleaning process. First, PathoClean removes soils from high-touch surfaces such as desks, windows, floors, doors and gym equipment. Then, PathoCide targets exposed pathogens, inactivating viruses and killing bacteria and fungi. PathoCide is proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 in one minute on a pre-cleaned surface. In addition, it is effective against Influenza A virus, Norovirus, E. Coli and numerous other pathogens of concern. Preventing the spread of disease with effective cleaning and disinfection is critical for keeping students, staff and visitors safe and healthy. 

A responsible choice.

The ECAS are non-irritating to eyes and skin and contain no added fragrance, thereby avoiding allergy triggers. Their effectiveness helps protect students and staff by thoroughly removing and inactivating pathogens without the added hazards many conventional chemicals create. For instance, with ECA solutions, the school’s physical education teacher can disinfect gym equipment without bleach, eliminating the strong odor and health risks associated with the chemical. 

GSF and PathoSans helped educate Saint Clement’s parents and staff to give them confidence in ECAS, delivering clear communication about the steps cleaning professionals were taking and why. The more that parents and teachers learned, the more they appreciated this shift to more sustainable and responsible cleaning. 

“We knew the goal was to keep students as consistently safe and healthy as possible by harnessing the power of cleaning and disinfection,” said Magda Hernandez, GSF’s facility manager for Saint Clement School. “The PathoSans system improves our ability to protect the well-being of students without interruption, during the pandemic and beyond.” 

The Results 

Saint Clement and GSF USA successfully transformed the school’s cleaning program using the PathoSans on-site generation system and ECAS. GSF can now clean and disinfect more frequently during the day and use electrostatic sprayers at night, without worrying about running low on solutions or releasing caustic ingredients into the air. 

In addition, parents can trust the school’s new cleaning and disinfecting program to better protect the health and safety of their children. They can have peace of mind knowing the school is investing in an effective, consistent and responsible cleaning program tailored to meet its specific needs. 

“Parents send their children to Saint Clement for our commitment to care deeply for our students,” said Fran Kucich, assistant principal, Saint Clement School. “GSF and the PathoSans system have allowed us to elevate that standard of care to meet today’s concerns and expectations. We are thrilled to have discovered our long-term solution for cleaning our campus and protecting our entire community.” 

Download the PDF here: Saint Clement School Case Study