A Decade of Service (and More) at GSF USA

A decade of service at GSF USA banner

At GSF USA, we care about clean and the people who help us achieve cleanliness in our customers’ buildings. We are dedicated to hiring and retaining the best talent, and helping individuals build meaningful careers in the commercial cleaning industry.  

Because we are focused on equipping our people with high-quality tools, equipment, training and leadership development, we are proud that many have been with our team for years. This quarter, numerous employees are celebrating a decade or longer with the company!  

Congratulations to all and thank you for your continued efforts to help GSF USA grow and differentiate itself as a leading building service contractor. We could not have gotten to where we are today without your hard work! 

20th Anniversaries 

Ines Enciso, GSF Illinois
Keith Wachter, GSF Ohio   

15th Anniversaries  

Nayeli Enriquez, GSF Illinois
Gerardo Rodriquez, GSF Illinois
Guadalupe Sanchez, GSF Indiana  

10th Anniversaries 

Ana Molina, GSF Indiana
Juan Manuel Duran, GSF Illinois
Dana Robinson, GSF Indiana