Celebrating the People who Care about Clean

Celebrating the people who care about clean blog preview

Welcome to our first edition of “Celebrating the People who Care about Clean,” a quarterly spotlight series on employees who have recently celebrated milestone work anniversaries. At GSF USA, we understand the important role that our team plays in keeping our customers’ facilities clean and safe. This has become even more important over the last year as the world grappled with new risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day, our professionals showcase their expertise, dedicated service and attention to detaias they work to protect public health and safety 

 We are committed to cultivating an enriching workplace that challenges and celebrates our employees. Our rewarding and innovative culture encourages longer tenure than other service providers in the industry. We are proud to have many staff members celebrating major milestones with GSF USA 

Below is who we’re celebrating this quarter. We congratulate everyone on their incredible loyalty and service and look forward to many more years together! 

20th Anniversaries  

 Deanna T., senior accountant, GSF USA 

After first serving as an intern, Deanna was hired as a staff accountant on Feb. 5, 2001. She now leads accounts receivable and is the senior accountant on the GSF USA accounting team. Her financial acumen is unmatched, and her dedication to her career and to GSF’s success and growth is inspiring. Deanna’s favorite aspects of working for GSF USA are the people she’s worked alongside for many years, the stability and growth of the company, and the flexibility that’s been offered during the pandemic. 

Veronica C., area manager, GSF Indiana 

Veronica joined the GSF USA team on Jan. 26, 2001. She has been promoted twice during her tenure and is now an area manager on the GSF Indiana Team. Our area managers oversee daily operations, making them an integral part of our success. Veronica is skilled at balancing the needs of her employees, and her favorite part about being an area manager is knowing that clients are satisfied with the work her and her team have done. 

5th Anniversaries  

 Teresa H., staff accountant, GSF USA 

After first serving as a temporary replacement, Teresa was hired as a staff accountant on Dec. 31, 2015. She now leads accounts payable on the GSF USA accounting team, meaning that we all have Teresa to thank for expertly managing our relationships with our suppliers “I love the people I work with, the experience I’ve received and above all, GSF is my work family. I feel blessed to be part of GSF USA and want to be part of the team as we continue to grow in 2021, adds Teresa. 

Luis T., branch manager, GSF Illinois 

Luis joined the GSF USA team on Dec. 28, 2015Over the last several years, he has been promoted and is now a branch manager on the GSF Illinois Team. Luis describes himself as an outgoing person and enjoys the collaborative environment and that his coworkers are always available to help him. He likes being a branch manager because he has opportunities for growth for not only himself but his team as well.  

Ana A., area manager, GSF Illinois 

Ana was also hired on Dec. 28, 2015Since then, she has been promoted twice and serves as an area manager on the GSF Illinois Team. In her role, every day is different. Ana has proven herself skilled at balancing the many responsibilities that area managers have.  According to Ana, “GSF stands out from other companies because they appreciate, respect and celebrate employees and customers every day. The values GSF is built on are everything I believe in and that’s why it’s the perfect place for me to work. GSF not only rewards hard work but gives employees a meaningful career and the knowledge, tools and support to achieve your goals.” 

Jose A., area manager, GSF Illinois 

Jose is celebrating five years with GSF and currently serves as an area manager. Because he started with GSF as a cleaning technician and has worked his way up to a managerial role, he feels he is well-positioned to understand his team’s needs and help them be successful in their careersBeing able to help others is one of his favorite parts of working at GSF.  


In addition to our managers, we would also like to recognize our hardworking hourly employees for their recent anniversary milestones. We thank them for helping us deliver cleanliness to customers every day.  

 20th Anniversary  

  • Gumercindo Cabrera, GSF Indiana  

 5th Anniversaries  

  • Gustavo C., GSF Illinois 
  • Ramon D., GSF Illinois 
  • Reyna M., GSF Illinois
  • Jose M., GSF Illinois 
  • Rolando R., GSF Illinois 
  • Nayib R., GSF Illinois  
  • Azucena G., GSF Indiana 
  • Alberto I., GSF Indiana 
  • Jose M., GSF Indiana 
  • Mauricio P., GSF Indiana 
  • Lucia R., GSF Indiana 
  • Ramiro R., GSF Indiana 
  • Gudelia R., GSF Indiana 

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