The Heart of GSF USA

At GSF USA, our heart lies with our staff members who keep our company going and our customers happy. We hire individuals who not only embody our vision and goals but continuously seek growth and career development opportunities. Studies show that companies that prioritize employee satisfaction and engagement are 21% more profitable than their peers. When your employees feel good about coming to work, it reflects the culture of the company and the work that is done.

One of GSF USA’s more recent clients, Germantown School District, which is comprised of four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school, chose GSF USA to maintain their schools and help prioritize the health and safety of those who enter it daily. “Germantown School District chose GSF USA because of our strong culture and ability to grow and develop our people. They were drawn to our innovative approach to chemistry and technology and the trust they’ve built from our work in multiple other school districts. Simply put, we deliver on what we say we’re going to do,” said Vice President of GSF USA, Kurt Kuempel.

There are so many roles to fulfill at GSF, each one offering opportunities for growth and advancement. When asked about his role as GSF’s Wisconsin Branch Manager, Mark Streitmatter said, “My favorite part about my job is that every day looks different. I get a chance to train and develop people while promoting to our team that this is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to have a career.” A chance to advance in the workplace is important, not only for employee retention rate but also to help motivate people to want to expand their skill sets. At GSF USA, over 50% of Operations Managers were developed and promoted from within the company.

Another client, U.S. Cellular Plaza, chose GSF USA because of how its team structure stood out from other contractors. Creating a culture of employees that love what they do and show it through their work is an added value that customers appreciate. “GSF’s culture is unique in the industry because we empower our teams to be able to do the work,” said Kuempel “, We spend a lot of time training and developing at ‘GSF University’ and teaching them to be held accountable for the work that they do every day.”

Providing high-quality and sustainable cleaning solutions is at the core of GSF USA’s mission. This means that employees prioritize being well-trained in how to professionally clean each area, use cleaning equipment and supporting one another to ensure that the facilities they work in are getting the services they need. “Sustainable cleaning is important to our customers, so they know they’re coming into a building that has everything from good indoor air quality, to being properly clean and disinfected and creates a welcoming environment,” said GSF’s Director of Educational Services, Scott Mackall.

Our employees’ stories show that at GSF USA, we stand behind our mission. We view our staff as more than just people we hire, but as a team that we care for, support and want to help grow. Offering educational programs, onsite training and advancement opportunities is just the beginning of the core of our values and the heart of our company. Want to join our team? Check out our job openings!