People Make the Difference at GSF USA

Celebrating people making difference GSF USA

At GSF USA, our people are the driving force behind cleanliness at our customers’ facilities. Whether they are day porters, supervisors, branch or area managers, or work in our offices, they are responsible for upholding our high standards and maintaining customer satisfaction.  

Some of our cleaning professionals are maintaining schools to keep children, teachers, administrators and visitors safe. Others are diligently cleaning and disinfecting commercial office buildings so employees can feel more confident while at work. And still others are overseeing cleanliness in medical offices and hospitals where health is paramount.  

This quarter, we are celebrating 10 more milestone anniversaries among our team. Some employees have hit the five-year mark, others are achieving 15 years and one long-time team member is noting a silver anniversary for 25 years of service with GSF.  

Congratulations and thank you to our loyal employees at GSF USA!  

25th Anniversary  

  • Gabriel B., GSF Illinois 

15th Anniversaries  

  • Cesar A., GSF Indiana 
  • Jose D., GSF Indiana  

5th Anniversaries  

  • Daisy C., GSF Illinois 
  • Dulce Z., GSF Indiana 
  • Juan P., GSF Indiana 
  • Roiel O., GSF Ohio 
  • George P., GSF Illinois 
  • Rosario S., GSF Illinois 
  • Wendy I., GSF Illinois