Heart of GSF: Mary B.

Heart of GSF: Mary B. Service Operator

At GSF USA, we take great pride in hiring team members who embody GSF’s mission, values and goals. We look for individuals that come to work with a growth mindset and are continuously looking for ways to improve their skills. Positive work ethics aren’t easy to come by, which is why we are especially thankful for our employees and their dedication to providing exceptional outsourced cleaning services for our clients. When you have a team of people eager to succeed, it shows in their work.

One of GSF’s long-term employees, Mary, holds a special spot in the heart of GSF. With over 40 years in janitorial experience and working as a Service Operator for GSF the past 5 months, she has found that her current position has helped her pick up useful skills and experience numerous opportunities. “It was a great company to transition to,” said Mary, “I come from a background of having jobs in the cleaning industry, but at GSF, there’s always opportunities to keep learning and growing.”

As a Service Operator, Mary is tasked with various daily jobs for her client. Having a supportive team to work alongside makes the quick-paced work environment easier and more enjoyable. “I love the team I work with. I tell everyone I know that GSF is the best company to work for because of how kind and helpful everyone is,” said Mary. Teamwork and collaboration are essential when it comes to getting cleaning tasks done efficiently and effectively; “We all come together to decide what needs to be done and the best way to do it. If we see someone who needs help, everyone is willing to pitch in,” she said.

Between new partnerships, clients and equipment changes, there is always something new to learn at GSF USA. “We’ve had a lot of recent changes, and people look to me to guide them since I’ve worked here for so long,” she said, “However, I’m confident in the work I do. I know what needs to be done and feel familiar with the tasks given to me.” One of GSF’s more recent partnerships, PathoSans, has allowed GSF to work with high-quality, sustainable cleaning materials. “Working with PathoSans has been wonderful,” Mary stated, “Their products look, feel and smell clean. They get the job done.”

It’s passionate and hard-working employees like Mary who create the strong culture that GSF USA possesses. “We do what needs to be done to create a safe and clean environment for our clients,” said Mary. The heart of GSF is made up of a dedicated team of individuals who believe no task is too much and that a sustainable, clean facility can help make a positive impact. Interested in joining a team like Mary’s? Check out our open positions!