Commemorating Employee Milestones at GSF USA

Commemorating employee milestones at GSF USA

In the latest edition of our quarterly spotlight, “Celebrating the People who Care about Clean,” we recognize the hardworking individuals who bring their best to GSF USA every day. One of the key differentiators at GSF is the way we treat our people. We focus on leading and developing our staff through ongoing training, education and support. By empowering employees to continually learn and improve, we enhance the level of clean in our customers’ facilities and build stronger teams.  

Thank you to our team for your dedication to delivering cleanliness for our customers and their customers. We couldn’t have done it without your efforts! 

30th Anniversary 

  • Jerry B., General Manager, GSF Indiana: Jerry is integral to the success of GSF USA. For 30 years, he has held various sales and managerial roles and has served as General Manager of the Indianapolis market for 20 years. He is a go-to resource and mentor for our employees and has extensive experience and certifications around floor care. In his current role, Jerry oversees Human Resources, Customer Service, Sales and daily operations of all GSF Indiana sites, including The Overlook at Riverdale, Indiana Spine Hospital and BMO Plaza.  

 25th Anniversaries  

Our latest silver anniversaries include:  

  • Daniel L., GSF Indiana 
  • Abraham A., GSF Illinois 
  • Jasel A., GSF Illinois
  • Lisa C., GSF USA
  • Mary M., GSF Indiana 

 20th Anniversaries 

For two decades, these team members have served GSF and their customers: 

  • Sandra H., GSF Illinois 
  • Armando M., GSF Illinois  
  • Arlin T., GSF Indiana  

 15th Anniversary  

  • Charles B., GSF Indiana  

 10th Anniversaries 

  • Israel L., GSF Indiana  
  • Libia F., GSF Illinois  

 5th Anniversaries  

  • Alexis T., GSF Indiana 
  • Olga P., GSF Indiana 
  • Santos A., GSF Indiana
  • Mauricio P., GSF Indiana 
  • Gudelia R., GSF Indiana  
  • Rafael G., GSF Indiana  
  • Alberto L., GSF Ohio 
  • Ramon A., GSF Ohio 
  • Margarita E., GSF Indiana 
  • Daniel R., GSF Indiana 
  • Edgar L., GSF Illinois 
  • Wioletta M., GSF Illinois 
  • Francisco M., GSF Illinois 
  • Suzanne D., GSF Illinois 
  • David D., GSF Illinois 
  • Maricela V., GSF Indiana 

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