GSF USA Expands with New Contract Wins

GSF USA expands with new contracts in schools

Maintaining healthy learning environments is crucial to the success of students, teachers and staff, and gives parents peace of mind. Cleanliness contributes to indoor air quality (IAQ), visual appeal and safety of schools. Our team at GSF USA is very passionate about helping schools clean in a more responsible way.

An increasing number of schools are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and align their cleaning programs with their overarching sustainability goals. We are proud that our expertise and commitment to high-quality and sustainable cleaning has enabled us to secure new contracts with schools.

Big Wins for GSF USA

The following are the latest schools and districts that GSF USA will manage:

Rockford Public Schools:

Our office in Rockford, Ill. opened in January 2021 and just a few months later, we’ve secured an exciting win with Rockford Public Schools. Beginning in July, GSF USA will be managing 42 schools that serve more than 28,000 students. This is one of the largest outsourced custodial contracts in the state of Illinois. With over 200 staff members servicing district 205, we look forward to hiring to support this expansion.

Barrington High School:

Part of Barrington Community Unit School District 220, Barrington High School is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and has an enrollment of about 3,000 students in grades 9-12. The high school opened at its current location in 1949 and has expanded over the years to accommodate the growing community. GSF USA will have dozens of full-time team members supporting this site.

Keeneyville School District 20:

Located in Hanover Park, Ill., Keeneyville School District 20 serves more than 1,400 students from Kindergarten through eighth grade in four different buildings.. GSF will have 11 full-time employees working in the district’s buildings.

How We Approach Cleaning

Our Écologique cleaning program uses Green Seal®-certified processes to ensure we are implementing the most sustainable chemicals, tools, equipment and protocols in educational environments. By incorporating sustainability, we can better protect people and the environment.

The five tenets of the Écologique program include:

  1. GSF University Leadership Training ​– GSF USA team members are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of training.
  2. Documented Training and Procedures​ – Our procedures are developed by R&D experts and clearly documented to ensure employees understand and follow proven best practices.
  3. Environmentally Sourced Consumables​ – Mindfully sourcing consumables like toilet paper, cleaning cloths and chemicals can limit waste and negative environmental effects.
  4. Sustainable Cleaning Chemicals​ – We cleans and disinfect with safe and sustainable electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS) that are made with just water, salt and electricity.
  5. High-tech Equipment​ – We use the most advanced cleaning equipment, like robotic floor care machines and electrostatic disinfection systems, whenever possible.

Schools that implement safe and sustainable cleaning demonstrate they care about the wellbeing of their students, teachers, staff and visitors. In addition to supporting public health, green cleaning is also better for the planet. We are thrilled to expand into these new schools and districts, and look forward to bringing on new team members to help us deliver the cleanest environments.

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